problem solved…

Out of sight, out of mind? Ever find yourself not wearing your jewelry because it’s not displayed? These bottles will solve that problem! Makes bracelets and watches so easy to see and organized! Not to mention an attractive table top decoration! Have fresh flowers, stick them in the bottles too!

{these bottles were purchased from Old Time Pottery for under $6 total. any bottles will work, bring some bracelets with you to make sure they fit around. or order online at World Market or Specialty Bottles.}


I have been wanting a pair of sunglasses similar to the ones below, and came across a great version of them  for only $14! Definitely a great weekend find!

{inspiration; Karen Walker $180}
{weekend find; gae-tana's, New Orleans $14}

friday finds…

*Recent purchase from The Gap Outlet. I have been looking for something similar for a while, but glad I waited! They are packable, foldable and come with a travel bag. Best part they were on sale and  only cost $18.95! Check your local Gap or Gap Outlet for the City Flats!

lucky girl finds…

Ever since I could remember I browsed high-gloss magazines cutting out things I liked: accessories, clothing, recipes and shoes! I would take the inspiration collected and head out on the search. Searching for similar pieces, with my own style incorporated, and a much lower price range in mind! I’ve always had the knack for finding high-end looks for low-end prices.

I am always up for shopping, no matter if it’s shopping for gifts or groceries; myself or others; my home or my closet. Shopping is my absolute favorite thing to do. I’m not the one who gets a purchasing high, for me I enjoy the entire process. The browsing, the details of the garments, looking through rack after rack, the actual hunt itself and not knowing what I will come across next. The key to my successful shopping trips is my willingness to enter any retail establishment, no matter how disorganized it may seem from first glance. Sometimes it’s the chaos that makes the search more interesting. Now, don’t get me wrong I love the service and ease of shopping at fine retail establishments (and the sale racks too)! But I am also not afraid to dig through piles, browse the racks and fight the crowds for that next lucky find!

With my knack for finding high-end inspired items at prices everyone can afford, friends, family, co-workers and even strangers, refer to me as lucky, whenever they inquire about my recent finds. Which brings me to where I am today!

Welcome to lucky girl finds! 

Money is tight these days for all of us and trendy pieces move in and out of  our homes so quickly, no reason to watch our money fly away with them. Please enjoy my newest adventure… This blog will provide you daily inspiration for fashion+entertaining+decor!

xo  -lg