Moving On Up

The one thing I’ve been dreaming of these last few years, has finally happened – I’m a HOMEOWNER! I found the perfect place in the neighborhood I wanted to be in and am now the proud owner of my OWN home!

Let the decorating commence! I am taking it slow, for multiple reasons, but mainly because I want everything that comes into my new home to be thoughtful, special and full of meaning. I moved in with no living room furniture and have begun to fill the space with several pieces I have had my eye on for years.

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The Future Is Bright


This year has been full of ups and downs, but we made it through! I couldn’t be more excited for a fresh start and a bright outlook on the New Year! 

In 2017 I plan to:

  • Work smarter, not harder
  • Spend less, save more (why is this SO hard?!)
  • Travel to at least one place I’ve never been to before
  • Take care of myself – mentally, physically and emotionally
  • Use all my vacation days
  • Exercise at least twice a week

Cheers to 2017 – let’s do this!

A Year in Review {2015}

2015 in Review

To say 2015 was a whirlwind, would have to be an understatement. The ups {traveling and turning 30} and downs {my dads accident and the passing of my grandmother} made this year like no other I’ve experienced. On top of it all, I did make some pretty amazing memories this year. In no particular order, these are a few of my favorites from 2015!

Eataly: I traveled to Chicago a few times this year for work and thoroughly enjoyed every minute! There is nothing more freeing than traveling solo. Eataly was top of my list for dinner on all of my trips! {see post}

Oak Alley Plantation: Such a fun day date; still can’t believe it was my first time visiting!  {see post}

St. Thomas: My boyfriend and I took our second annual December trip to St. Thomas and stayed a little longer this time, such a great getaway from it all. {last years post}

San Francisco: A last-minute trip to San Fran over Labor Day was the perfect getaway. My boyfriend had never been and we were full-on adventure mode!

Willa Jean: A favorite 2015 addition to the New Orleans food scene – the cutest bakery!

Mexico City: My bf spent the first half of the year in Mexico City and brought back these amazing hand embroidered fabrics!

Memorable Meal: If someone asked what was my favorite food I ate this year it would have to be Thanh Long in San Francisco – the most unassuming restaurant with the best crab I’ve every had!

Soho House: I stayed at the Soho House in Chicago on a business trip and have to say this hotel has to be one of favorites in the US!

Best Solo Adventure: Chicago again – on one of my visits I got to extend a day into the weekend and had a tourist solo day in the city. I visited the Art Institute of Chicago and throughly enjoyed the amazing collection and wandering aimlessly throughout the Museum.

Lundi Lunch: Lundi Gras is the day before Fat Tuesday and my friends and I have created a tradition {coming up on our fourth annual} to lunch at Commander’s Palace before taking in the evening parades. The most festive time of the year in New Orleans.

Family Snap: My mom snapped this picture on our first trip to Florida post my dads accident, it was so nice to be together as a family and to have my dad back on his feet.

Auntie: Having a niece has been oh so fun and Christmas was like no other. Already looking forward to next year!

Favorite Selfie: Who doesn’t love a good selfie?! This was one of my favorites of the year.

Turning 30: Holy cow, how am I 30?! I had the perfect 30th with my family and close friends. {see post}

Lucky Girl Turns 4

I wrote my first blog post four years {FOUR YEARS!!} ago today and still love the creative outlet my little space on the internet continues to be. I’m thankful for all the friends I’ve made through blogging and brands and creative types I’ve come to work with along the way. Thanks for reading and as always I look forward to sharing more finds with you!

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Turning 30: Lessons in Life, Love and Loss


I’m turning 30 in exactly 10 days and have a range of mixed emotions. Excitement for the next decade, sadness to say goodbye to my 20s and a fear of growing older. A few weeks ago I compiled this list of life lessons from my first 30 years to share with you and last week my grandmother passed away unexpectedly; making the last item on this list even that much more important to me .

-Travel Alone – Traveling alone really helps you grow as an individual. From dealing with complete strangers, to making your own schedule and siting at a table for 1.

-Couch Time – Don’t let the couch suck you in. When I get home from work its super easy to grab the remote and computer and sink into the couch. Instead I try to go for a walk, schedule an activity or do some things around the house.

-Enjoy Your Meals – Don’t phone and eat. Put the phone down and enjoy your meal with the company you are with, in fact most times I keep my phone in my purse so there is no temptation.

-Friends– You don’t have to have a ton of friends at this age; but a few really close ones is all that matters

-Experiment in the Kitchen – With recipes, ingredients, you name it! 3 years ago I would have never eaten a brussel sprout, let alone have them in my house. Now I love to cook them at least once a week.

-Make List – I keep two list in my phone 1. Places to Eat 2. Like List – These list include restaurants I want to try and things I want to buy when I have a little extra cash.

-Leave The Office – Everyone is busy and work can get crazy, I find it important to step out for lunch. Even if it means running a quick errand or eating outside. This helps break up the day, and in fact makes me more productive in the afternoon.

-Purchases- Be wise with your money and purchase items you love and will use. Original art is one of my latest guilty pleasures, I love supporting up and coming artist and I know these pieces I will have forever. I also recommend purchasing a nice set of sheets.

-Sleep In- Speaking of sheets, my bed is one of my favorite places. When I have days with no plans I take full advantage and sleep in. These days don’t come around often, but when they do, the alarm clock is turned off.

-Protect your skin – Find a skin care line you love and stick with a routine – also buy the big floppy hat and cover your face in the sun

-Use your vacation days – and use them wisely; Even though I’ve been out of school for quite sometime the idea of having no breaks and no summer still seems foreign. I treasure my vacation days and think through before making plans.

-Speaking of vacation Book the trip! Last December my bf and I booked our trip to the islands {on a whim} and it is truly one of my favorite times him and I have spent together. And the perfect reset too!

-And lastly and most important – Treasure your time with your family and especially grandparents and parents, cause after all we won’t be here forever.

*Still crazy to me I wrote this a few weeks ago

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Guilty Pleasures

UnknownAs I approach 30 {eeeekkkkk} I am making a conscious effort to make a few changes; and increasing my savings is one of them. I have to give myself a little credit I do a pretty good job already; but we can always improve, right?! My parents engrained in me pay now, play later. I was looking at the items I most frequently treat myself to that after a few weeks {sometimes moments} I have nothing to show for, and I know I can cut back in these areas. I’m a firm believer that you should treat yourself, but I’m pretty sure I go overboard! Time to cut back and put those dollars away!

Flowers: I love fresh flowers and as long as I am in town for longer than a week I always have a fresh bunch. Now, I buy these from the grocery so they aren’t expensive but they do add up, and after week or sometimes two if I’m lucky, into the trash can they go!

Macaroons: Anyone who knows me {or my instagram feed} you know I can’t turn down a sweet treat. From macaroons to cupcakes, I can’t resist. It doesn’t help that the best little macaroon place in New Orleans is just a few blocks away and my weekly trips {sometimes two and three times a week} should be cut back. Maybe just once a month from now on?!

Paper Goods: Swing by my desk at any given moment and I have markers, pens, notebooks and even file folders that are all brighter than your average office supplies. I can’t resist paper products from places like TJ Maxx and Home Goods; even Target has upped their game. My most recent purchase was super cute paper cocktail napkins… when will I use them… not sure…maybe not even this year; but the design is oh SO cute! Oh and cute cupcake liners too! I definitely need to curb this habit and only buy things I will use in the near future.

Candles: It’s official, this list makes me a total girly, girl! I LOVE a good candle! And find myself having 3 or 4 lit at one time {the bedroom, the entry way, the living room etc.} a little overkill I think, but I love the ambiance it sends off. $20 for a good candle seems reasonable to me, but that adds up.. and fast!

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Bedroom Confessions

When it comes to my bed, I’m extremely OCD. I won’t leave the house without the bed made, EVER. Even if it means running late. I’ve been this way as long as I can remember, and if someone else tries to make it, it’s not the same. When I was younger I was never the girl to let my friends hang out on my bed, it was a place for sleeping and I didn’t want it messed up until I was ready to get in it. Crazy I know, hence the post title. But there is something to be said about a well made bed. It sets the tone for your bedroom and your day and creates a sanctuary to call your own. What’s funny is whenever I see a really well made bed, I get a little envious and the itch to change my own. What’s even more funny is I happen to work for an amazing linen company, so everyday I see beautifully well made beds, that are constantly providing inspiration.





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Reaching in 2014

Last year I wrote about wanting to reach a little further in 2014 and I think I did just that. I started with a new company over the summer that allows me to combine my passions and professional experience on a daily basis and I could not be happier on the career front. I was also able to pack my bags a little more this year and reach places I’ve never been {and a few old favorites too!} The main highlight of the year, is my new title of Auntie, the debut of my niece is by far the best moment of 2014! Cheers to the year that was and the new one on the way!











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A First

Yesterday we had a full day celebrating all the moms in the family, and one new mom stood out from the rest. My sister celebrated her first Mother’s Day and I couldn’t be more proud of her and the little mommy she has become. Not to mention, the joy the newest addition adds to the family mix. I wanted to share these pictures and today seemed like the perfect time.





*All photos by Mindy Rathe Photography.


I’m not one to make resolutions, cause let’s be honest, we could all eat healthier, get in better shape and spend more wisely. Instead of making resolutions I like to think about the year that was and what changes I want to make in the upcoming year. As I looked back on 2013 I realized how close I was to achieving several goals, from personal to professional and even for the blog, this year I am going to keep on reaching, with hopes to achieve those goals. Reaching out and reaching up. So here’s to 2014, the year I reach a little further.