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Add to cart… It’s no secret that I LOVE a good collab and everything Julia Berolzheimer touches is magic! I ordered a few things from her newly launched collection this morning. I plan to use these trays on my nightstands and added this to my ice bucket collection. Thinking the ice bucket would be perfect filled with orchids too! I still have this platter and bowl set on my mind too…

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Paper Stash

I cleaned out my linen cabinet last night and couldn’t help but admire my growing collection of paper cocktail and luncheon napkins. I keep a stash on hand for all seasons. Such an easy, festive way to brighten a table at the drop of a hat. I love bringing a pack for a birthday dinner or pairing with a napkin holder for a hostess’s gift.

I typically have great luck finding them at Home Goods, and locally in New Orleans, I can always count on Judy’s or Hazelnut to have a beautiful selection.




We had so much fun registering for our wedding and even more fun putting all of our beautiful gifts to good use. We are still finalizing a few pieces for our China, we went with classic blue and white, and I love how it can be mixed and matched so easily.

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Picking Back Up

You know that feeling when you see an old friend that you haven’t seen or spoken to in a while, maybe even years, but you some how pick up right where you left off without skipping a beat?!

That is how I feel about this space. I haven’t been here in a while but am picking right back where I left off – my love (and knack) for sharing fabulous finds.

Over the years I have acquired quite the collection of glassware. Some gifts, some handed down from family members and a few I’ve scooped up along the way. During this quarantine time we’ve been reaching for our glassware now more than ever – cocktail hour, every hour!

I ordered these beautiful glasses, in sage, and haven’t stopped using them since they arrived! They are designed by Sir|Madam and I love the story that accompanies the design.

We were inspired to create this bespoke collection of colorfully festive drinking glasses on a trip to Italy’s beloved Floating City. Designed in homage to the defining arches that adorn Venice’s most iconic bridge, our Rialto Tumbler is perfect for everything from water to wine. Finished by hand in Turkey, it requires a multi-step process that is executed by artisans. No two are exactly alike, and subtle nuances in depth of color and cutwork are to be expected and embraced. 

Summer Dining

I can’t get enough of Aerin Lauder’s collection for Williams Sonoma. The blue and white dinnerware collection is perfect for summer entertaining! Free shipping at Williams Sonoma all weekend!

PS – I have these and LOVE them! 

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take it outside

The bf and I are always looking for less expensive things to do, and lately we have been quick to open a bottle of wine, put together a small cheese plate and sit on the front porch. Nothing fancy, just the two of us, enjoying the springtime, extended daylight, and the not so hot weather.


cheese board, wine glasses, garden stool, candle lantern, blanket


in with the mirrors

I came across this post on Style Me Pretty, and love the idea of a new take on party signs. Out with the chalkboards and in with the mirrors.  The writing on this mirror is darling and I love how it serves as the back drop for the cocktail bar. Click-through the images for the full DIY!

DIY Mirror

DIY Mirror

DIY Mirror

P.S. Sorry for the lack of post, major internet problems. I’ve got some good ones lined up for the rest of this week!

the goody bag

bachelorette party goody bag

A few months back I organized a bachelorette party for one of my dearest girlfriends. Since we were doing a small girls night out here in New Orleans, I wanted to bring  something special for all the girls, not to mention a bit of flair for the evening. I got to the restaurant a little early and had all the goody bags on the table settings for when the girls arrived. These heart sunglasses were such a hit!

bachelorette party goody bag

bachelorette party goody bag

bachelorette party goody bag

Make Up BagLip Gloss; Royal Couple MagnetsHeart SunglassesGlitter  Nail FileGlow Ring