friday finds {purchased}

For some reason, this week has been a tough one. Lack of motivation, so many upcoming plans, personal and professional to-do list that seem to be never ending, and the pure exhaustion of being non-stop busy over the past month. I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am to finally sleep in on Saturday and do whatever I want with my entire day! Last night I needed a little retail therapy and happened to make out great at Forever21. Just a glimpse at a few items I came home with.

{floral dress}
{knot bracelet}
{polka dot shorts and silk high-low top}

dress, bracelet {other items not available online at this time}

*thanks to Michelle from uncharted style for the bracelet inspiration, during Texas Style Council

friday finds {re-visited}

There is nothing like good ol fashion lip color. I have forever been collecting lipsticks and pulled a few out recently. I have re-introduced colored lips back into my everyday routine. Here are some oldies but goodies. However I have immediate plans to add to my collection. And by immediate, I mean this afternoon!

MAC: Pink Poodle, Merle Norman: Claret Cream, Dior: Beige Production, Merle Norman: Trace of Melon, Avon: Sparking Mauve, Merle Norman: Flirt Alert {my go to red}

*still don’t know what to wear for St. Patty’s day tomorrow? Check out what I am wearing here.

friday finds {purchased}

When I first started Friday Finds, I wanted it to be about something I purchased, re-purposed or found that week. I kind of got away from that idea, but I am bringing it back, time to re-focus on my original objective.

Today’s Friday Find is this great top I purchased this week from Old Navy. I have a very good feeling I will be living in this for a while. I purchased a size bigger and love the flowy oversized look! It’s also a thin fabric which will be perfect to last through the summer. Photos to come on twitter over the next few weeks on ways to style. {thinking I may need the red stripe too}

follow friday

It’s finally Friday. This seems to be one of the longest weeks I’ve had in a while! The rest of the world will move on with their daily lives in the upcoming days, and we in New Orleans will take a much-needed break, and celebrate! Celebrate the Mardi Gras season. Follow me on instagram @luckygirlfinds for my photo updates and twitter as well!

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{decorated mardi gras shoe}

friday finds {heels}

Sometimes I come across a shoe, so different, so unique, and right on trend, that I must have them! Even if I only wear them a few times. Well this is a pair I purchased this week, so classy and high-end inspired, but only $49.9o. {gotta love Zara’s e-commerce} Not to mention these will be perfect for Spring and Summer cocktail parties and weddings!

friday finds {ruffles}

I love the look of a  nice ruffle swimsuit top, and to be honest now is a great time to shop. Stock is normally full and the average consumer is far, from thinking about swimwear. I got this swimsuit from Old Navy this week and absolutely LOVE it! The fabric is thick and the quality is much better then I expected! Unfortunately the color I purchased is sold out but the black below is so cute as well. {and I wanted to show, again, it pays to shop around, I was close to buying the one from J.Crew for almost triple the price}

{their way}
{the save way}

highs and lows of it

Rarely am I {actually never} a fan of uneven hem lengths but I recently tried on a high-low skirt and changed my mind! I love the look and can’t wait to wear with wedges in the spring. Just another reminder, you never know until you try it on! {a rule I live by when shopping, and styling outfits}

{Forever21 $17.80-$20.80}
*inspiration image from cupcakes and cashmere

festive spirits

I came across this amazing holiday cocktail recipe and cannot wait to share with friends and family this holiday weekend! A few simple ingredients and some festive champagne flutes to get you in the spirit.

Sparkling Pom-Berry Splash

2 ounces pomegranate blueberry juice, chilled

1 teaspoon lime juice

1/3 cup sparkling moscato wine, chilled


Pour pomegranate blueberry and lime juices into a Champagne flute; top with wine.

*add some holiday sparkle with the champagne flutes below 

{love the flute idea from cupcakes and cashmere}