brunch, lunch and dinner

Over the next few weeks New Orleans will be receiving much more attention then usual, as Superbowl XLVII comes to town and our Mardi Gras season continues to march on. I frequently get asked for my favorites around town and I figured now would be the perfect time to share a few. Over the next two weeks I have a few posts planned to share my picks throughout the Big Easy. Today, we focus on brunch, lunch and dinner!


Atchafalaya;  A local’s favorite jazz brunch and an amazing bloody mary bar
Stanley; Brunch with a view located right in the heart of New Orleans, overlooking Jackson Square
Baru;  A latin twist on local favorites
Parkway Bakery and Tavern; Best po’boys in the city
Galatoires: An old New Orleans tradition {note: men must wear a jacket}
Gluten Free:
Dick and Jenny’s; Hands down the best New Orleans favorites made Gluten Free 
*If I was in town for only a weekend these would be my top picks, however I could go on forever with my favorites. Want a few more suggestions? Feel free to email me
Image credit: one, two and three {my own}, four, five, six 

three days

I feel a little guilty not taking advantage of a three-day weekend and heading out-of-town, but I am very excited to stay around New Orleans and do a few things  that a normal two-day weekend just doesn’t allow for. The city is such an amazing place right now, with the Super Bowl buzz and the sights and sounds of carnival season, I can’t wait to get out and take advantage.


{shopping for fresh flowers}


{playing tourist}


{put the finishing touches on this new piece}


{a few fancy drinks}


{a little spray painting, now that the rain is gone}


{cleaning and organizing}


{french quarter balcony sitting}

*all photos my own


October has been a whirlwind of a month and I still have a few more busy days ahead. From weddings and celebrations to festivals and updates around the house. I can certainly say I am looking forward to a little down time come November.

{the most beautiful wedding under century old oak trees}

{an oldie but a goodie embellished t-shirt from Forever21}

{a new little addition to keep things organized}

{yep, it’s still hot here, wearing the booties in hope of cooler temps.}

{the cutest little owl, it was $7, I couldn’t pass it up}

{my go to outfit lately jean shorts and stripe tops}

hometown finds

This post is a little different from the usual, but with a love for Architectural Digest, and my hometown, I had to share.

Sometimes, it’s not until someone else writes about your hometown that you then realize your true appreciation. I recently discovered a piece on New Orleans {by Architectural Digest} that made me feel so good, about the place I call home. The article is a look at the city through the eyes of New Orleans insiders, and a few that just so happen to have very famous names.

One of the architects interviewed for this piece, Tom Kundig, tells the story of listening to a local band at a bar on Frenchman St., when out of no where, a harmonica playing, Stevie Wonder appears on stage. Stories like that is what makes this city such an interesting place, a place that welcomes everyone, and is in fact so welcoming that even Stevie Wonder feels right at home, playing his harmonica, in a small, smokey, dim lite,  New Orleans establishment. And that my friends,  is the stories we like to share.