sole society

There are so many different shopping sites out there nowadays, with flash sales, special deals, monthly merchandise specials and member only features, you could seriously spend days browsing the selections. I came across a new one recently and I absolutely love it! You do have to sign up, but it’s only to get access and to create an account. Sole Society has so many great styles and choices for shoes, I just couldn’t resist. I purchased my first pair a few weeks back and plan to purchase another pair in the near future. And after all it’s good for your sole, right?!?

friday finds {less is more}

I’ve said it before and I will probably say it a million more times this summer, it is HOT. And by hot, I mean I don’t want to see a sleeve or pant leg for a while! With that being said, sandals are my go to for during the day. Anything else would be, well, just too hot! Here are a few pair I am currently loving!

1. Piperlime $29.99

2. Zara $49.99

3. Steve Madden $62.98 

4. Steve Madden $29.95

their way & the save way {flip-flops}

I absolutely love these flip-flops, they are perfect for the beach and summer outings {and much better then the rubber kind}. But why would you spend $49.50, when you can spend $14.94? And to be honest I have tried on both and cannot tell the difference!

{I also featured these here, as a top pick for the spring and summer}

friday finds {heels}

Sometimes I come across a shoe, so different, so unique, and right on trend, that I must have them! Even if I only wear them a few times. Well this is a pair I purchased this week, so classy and high-end inspired, but only $49.9o. {gotta love Zara’s e-commerce} Not to mention these will be perfect for Spring and Summer cocktail parties and weddings!


I’ve always been a fan of the using the pantone colors to influence my clothing purchases, nail colors and even home decor. {see spring 2012 colors here} I’ve decide to start a little series about the pantone colors for each season,  “pantone palate”,  and bring you my favorite options for each shade {all under $50}. This is also a great way to introduce color into your wardrobe. Today’s color is Cockatoo!

we all wear flats

I hardly ever wear high heels {during the day}. To start with, I’m 5’11” so my average heel puts me well over 6’3″. I also find the ones I tend to purchase aren’t the 8 hour wearing type {all though I do have a few pairs that I can last in}. Not to mention, my work environment is extremely casual, so I steer away unless a client meeting. Nothing gets me more excited than seeing a celebrity in a fancy pair of flats, because, let’s be real here, we know they can’t live in heels 24/7.

*check for more flat inspiration