their way & the save way {shorts}

I feel like I haven’t done one of these post in forever! My weekend wardrobe recently is all shorts, and I am in the market to add a few new pairs. I came across the cutest pair from Madewell and what do you know, Old Navy makes a pair almost identical and for much less too!

their way: Madewell $59.50 

the save way: Old Navy $18.50

friday finds {worn}

I wore my skull scarf today, over a simple black maxi dress, and received so many complements and comments. I featured the scarf a while back {here}, but now I am seeing the trend everywhere! Even though summer is upon us, a lightweight scarf can be the perfect addition to a simple outfit, and also perfect for traveling. When traveling the scarf can double as swimsuit cover up when worn around your waist!

the summer pant

It gets so hot down South during the summer, the last thing I want to do is put on a fitted pair of pants, or even jeans for that matter. I came across these great pants recently and have been on the hunt for something similar. They are loose-fitting and cropped. Also, perfect for an afternoon of running errands or dressed up for a client meeting. How cute are the less expensive version I came across? I love all the colors and the linen fabric!


inspiration: Shopbob, Club Monaco, $139.50 

the save way: forever21, $19.80 


I’ve been looking for a smaller spike bracelet to add to my ever-growing collection. I came across one recently that I loved, and what do you know, I found its twin for much less. If you ever come across something you love, but don’t want to spend the money, feel free to reach out. I’m here to help with looks for less!

their way: $162 

the save way: $13.92

gingham inspiration

{Miu Miu $545}

I’ve said it before, and I will probably say it a million more times. You never know where inspiration will come from. I have seen these Miu Miu pumps all over high-end fashion blogs, websites and magazines, and they are darling! However, with that price tag, they will never find a home in my closet . They instead became the inspiration for this top purchase. A much less expensive way to satisfy my gingham craving!

{Old Navy $24.95}


their way & the save way {bold}

No better way to enhance your Monday then with this bold, blue necklace. I came across this one from J.Crew last week when I was shopping the sale {here} and absolutely knew spending that kinda money was out of my budget. Then over the weekend I found this little lovely piece from Pop of Chic! I just love it when that happens!

Their Way: J. Crew $150

The Save Way: Pop of Chic $36

key ring candy

I have forever been in love with this Alexander McQueen tassel key chain. However the price point, $275 to be exact, is WAY out of my budget. I found a very similar look for much, much less. Who doesn’t need a little key ring candy, right? Also, they would make great gifts, especially for the person who has everything! {not to mention, you can hook onto a purse or clutch to add a little flair}

their way: Alexander McQueen, $275

the save way:, $30

their way & the save way {flip-flops}

I absolutely love these flip-flops, they are perfect for the beach and summer outings {and much better then the rubber kind}. But why would you spend $49.50, when you can spend $14.94? And to be honest I have tried on both and cannot tell the difference!

{I also featured these here, as a top pick for the spring and summer}