Planes, Trains and Automobiles

I’ve been traveling just about every single weekend since March and needless to say I’ve gotten a lot better at packing. They say practice makes perfect, right? I have a few things I consistently pack, but I’m always on the lookout for new items that make traveling easier. Like an oversized travel wallet, perfect for plane tickets, passports and travel receipts. Or an extra long iPhone charger, perfect for those tricky hotel outlets. What are your must have travel accessories?


Clear Travel Pouch, iPhone Charger, Bag Tag, Travel Wallet 

Spring Edit

This week has been a crazy one; I’ve blogged less than I wanted to, my house is a mess, my laundry is a mile high and my closets seem to be bursting at the seams. I don’t have much planned this weekend and I’m taking full advantage and going to do some major spring cleaning and edit my packed closet. Out with the old and poor fitting, and making room for the new.


Love these helpful tips and tricks to get organized for spring!

The Experts Spill Their Tips For A Clean, Well-Organized Closet

10 Things to Do Now That It’s Spring

Five Closet Cleaning Tips

PS: Image can be found here; a girl can dream right?

outfits organized

A few weeks back, when I was preparing for my sister’s wedding, I knew I had to be extremely organized and prepared to help with what ever needed to be done at the drop of a hat. With that being said I wanted to look cute myself and knew I wouldn’t have time to waste to put together outfits throughout the weekend {I needed 4 complete looks total}. We stayed at a hotel not to far from my house and I packed on hangers with a small Ziploc bag attached to each containing my accessories. I poked a small hole in the Ziploc to put on the hanger. Packing this way is an absolute must when you have multiple outfits and time is not on your side.

loosen up

Lately I feel like shoes are not fitting me like they used to. Either a tad to tight or a tad to big. I must confess to you my solution for too tight shoes {warning, it looks a little goofy}. If I am in between sizes I typically go with the ones that are to snug. In order to get them to loosen up a bit I put on my thickest socks and walk around the house, run errands {as long as you can’t see the socks} etc. This loosens them up just a bit and typically resolves the too snug shoe issue.

Bronze Heels: Banana Republic {no longer available}

Bronze Oxfords: Fossil {I purchased mine at the outlet for $24.99}

Socks: TJ Maxx