With the amount of time I spend on instagram it’s no surprise I discover some of my all time favorites in the space. From artist, to shops and even restaurants – an instagram recommendation is high in my book! At the end of last year I discovered Clad & Cloth and the website is what my wardrobe dreams are made of. Think loose fitting dresses, ripped jeans, and long tops; if only I could live in these items everyday. I have three dresses from the brand {number one, three and five below} and cannot wait to add more to my collection. The prices are SO reasonable and they keep the site very well curated so you will not get overwhelmed. Also the biggest plus in my book {especially at my height – 5’11”} – everything is cut longer in length from tops to dresses!

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  1. Hi! I just placed an order with clad and cloth – how is the quality? I’ve found a handful of negative reviews online, and hope my cute dress is not too good to be true!

    • H!
      I have three dresses and love them! They wash very well (I don’t dry mine) and have worn them all summer long! 🙂

  2. How long did it take them to put your order in the mail?

    • Not long probably a few days 🙂

  3. @alex how did you like the quality of Clad & Cloth? I want to maybe order some things in the new year, but would like an honest opinion on their quality before I do!
    Thanks, much appreciated!

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