Well it was back to work today and finally a little feeling of normalcy around here. It was nice to come home to a mailbox full of mail and a few packages on my doorstop {with the hurricane and the holiday probably a full weeks worth of mail}. One package in particular, I had been looking forward to receiving, a package that contained a little bit of leather! For fall leather is everywhere, however I cannot see myself pulling off a full leather look. When I came across this shirt I knew it was perfect for me, just a touch of leather and extreme comfort, and only $26!

*top: Zara $25.90

*note: I purchased a medium and typically wear a size 6-8

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  1. Super cute! Loving all of the (vegan) leather featured in Zara’s lookbook this year- it’ll hurt my wallet, but should be worth it.

  2. way cute!

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