So excited to have Sadie guest posting today from Splendid Spaces.

Mercury glass looks so beautiful and can seamlessly blend with any type of decor. I will be using mercury glass vases for centerpieces at an upcoming bridesmaids’ luncheon I am planning. They will be filled with simple white flowers, allowing the mercury glass to really stand out.

{Mercury Glass Inspiration}
{Mercury Glass Inspiration}

First, I purchased inexpensive glass from Goodwill. The Mason jar and milk bottle were a grand total of $3.12.

Plain Glass

I used Krylon Looking Glass spray paint, which I found at Hobby Lobby. I used my 40 percent off coupon, so it was about $7.50 after using the discount.

Krylon Glass

I sprayed the inside and outside of both vases to achieve an all-around mirrored look. It ran a little bit and pooled inside the glass, so I swirled the pooled spray paint around the inside of the glass to fully cover every inch.

Inside Mason Jar

Outside Mason Jar

After filling a spray bottle with a half water and half vinegar combination, I sprayed this solution on the vases.

I found it was important to spray the water and vinegar solution when the Looking Glass spray paint is almost dry in order to create the weathered, uneven look of mercury glass.

Milk Bottle Beaded

The solution will bead up; let it sit on there for about two minutes before patting the bubbles down lightly.

Then, voila! You have your very own mercury glass vases. This is such an easy and inexpensive project to do, and the final product looks amazing!

Final Finished Products

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