Out of sight, out of mind? Ever find yourself not wearing your jewelry because it’s not displayed? These bottles will solve that problem! Makes bracelets and watches so easy to see and organized! Not to mention an attractive table top decoration! Have fresh flowers, stick them in the bottles too!

{these bottles were purchased from Old Time Pottery for under $6 total. any bottles will work, bring some bracelets with you to make sure they fit around. or order online at World Market or Specialty Bottles.}

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  1. love this idea. great way to display jewelry!

  2. I’m copycating ASAP!

    • Love it !! Great idea!

  3. Cool know-how! I have been browsing for anything such as this for quite a while today. Thank you!

  4. […] *bottle jewelry holder  Like this:LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

  5. love the idea but I’m also in love with the watch shown in the picture. Any idea what designer it is/where its from? I’d die to find one like that…

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