friday finds {made}

One of the positive notes of being in a long distance relationship is the handwritten letters that come in the mail. It is always a pleasant surprise, and so meaningful. I have received so many great cards and some of them are truly pieces of art, especially the letterpress ones. I received a card recently that brought such a smile to my face I couldn’t bare to put it away in a drawer with the rest of them. I purchased a simple frame, and now the card sits out as a daily reminder that continuously makes me smile!

Cards can so easily be turned into art. So think before you throw that next card away or pass up the card aisle, you may find something that would look great in your home! And think about multiples, they would look great hanging in a group! {one thing to be aware of, make sure if the card is personal you don’t have to cut it to fit the frame, you don’t want to lose the note that it contains inside}