let there be cake

One of my favorite parts of living in New Orleans is Carnival season. Today is 12th Night, which marks the official end of the Christmas season and the official start of Carnival {aka Mardi Gras}. Essentially today is also the first day King Cakes are available. A pastry we use to celebrate the season!

I have the good fortune of living way too close to Sucre. It’s a locally owned shop that can cater to every sweet need you may have. It’s not everyday you come across a truly fantastic bakery, sweet shop and coffee-house, all in one! They by far have the best King Cakes in town, and you’re in luck, they are available for online ordering! I highly recommend between now and Mardi Gras Day {Feb. 21}  you celebrate the season with your friends and family, no matter where you are!


*P.S.-Sucre has amazing macaroons and chocolates, ALL available for online ordering!