painted photos

I love being surrounded by photos, they are all over my house! Eventually {especially in a one bedroom} you run out of room to display photo frames. I have always loved the idea of photos on canvas, however never wanted to make the investment {I am known for changing my photos out often}. I created an inexpensive way to display photos involving inexpensive art store canvases, all steps illustrated below!

{supplies and vacation photo}


1. Modge Podge

2. Sponge brush

3. Canvas

4. Photo printed {size in relation to canvas size}

5. Acrylic paint {darker colors work better}

6. Paint brushes

{cover canvas/photo in modge podge. sponge is best applicator}
{use darker acrylic paint for the edges, a messy look turns out better}
{inexpensive, easy canvas frames}