easy truffles

I love chocolate candy! Especially the pricey kind that comes in a fancy box. Who knew you could make your own. I came across this super easy recipe {on pinterest, of course} for vanilla-chocolate truffles and they are delicious! No baking needed and pretty simple to make, just a little messy, but totally worth it! These would be great to have at your next holiday party too!

 1 cup vanilla cake mix

7 oz sweetened condensed milk {i used about half a can}

2 cups chocolate chips

1/2  tsp. vanilla extract

*you can substitute and use gluten-free cake mix 

1. Mix cake mix, vanilla extract and sweetened condensed milk

2. Refrigerate dough mix for 15 minutes then roll dough into small balls and refrigerate for another 15 mins.

3. Melt chocolate, I used my microwave melting in 30 second intervals and mixing

*use parchment paper to keep the dough and chocolate from sticking

4. Dip refrigerated cake balls into the melted chocolate {this part is very messy}

5. Place back onto baking sheet and refrigerate

*store in the refrigerator