house dreams

My apartment doesn’t really have much room for new additions or improvements {it’s a small rental after all}, but I can say this ladies-only bungalow, featured on Domaine, is what house dreams are made of. I’m booking marking these photos, with hopes of a future space to use this inspiration. From the yellow lamps, to fuzzy bedroom benches and the clean feel of it all, I love it! And of course the dog too!

House Dreams


Let’s face it, I will probably never own a 4 story town house in Manhattan or a sprawling estate in the Caribbean, but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream right? I recently spent a little too much time on Architectural Digest and found myself completely in awe.

In awe, of the amazing inspiration.  I’m always on the hunt for inspiration, but I have to be honest, it’s interiors where I come across the best color palates. Colors that find themselves paired in my clothing, home and accessories.

{neutral with a touch of pink}
{a pop of yellow}
{silver on neutral}
{ikat print}
{navy and red}
{bold and gold}
{crisp and green}
{green and aqua}