don’t leave home without it

I’m always trying new beauty products {I’ve inherited that knack from my mom}, but there are two products I cannot live with out. First is the absolute BEST lip treatment of all time, and I literally stumbled upon this find. I was in a large department store in NYC during the winter and my lips were so chapped {they hurt} I couldn’t imagine going back outside. I saw the Kiehl’s counter and bought the first lip treatment I could get my hands on and have never looked back {that was 4 years ago}. The Kiehl’s lip balm #1 is amazing, no burning, no scent, no flavor. Just what I needed on that freezing cold day in NYC. Not only does it heel chapped lips, it keeps then looking perfectly smooth and slighty shiny. {shhhh….don’t tell but it works so well my bf uses it too}

*Use it over your favorite lipstick for just a little shine!

My second daily use product is Sephora’s mineral face powder. This powder has the perfect combination of coverage, yet still keeps that natural look . After trying drugstore brands, high-end lines and mail order products, this powder is by far the best I have used.