Chic Sleep – A Personal Review

A little late to the game but let’s talk about Lake. By now you have seen them on almost every influencer and I am sure you have been served an instagram ad or ten. I admit I was thoroughly influenced, drank the kool-aid a year or two ago and am now on a mission to only wear Lake Pajamas to sleep. They are what they say they are – pajama perfection.  For many years after college my pajamas consisted of old sorority and vacation t-shirts and maybe a nice set from Target or two. Now I am the proud owner of a few Lake sets and continue to grow my collection. Let’s just say my sleep is a lot more chic!

My favorite are the short sets, number one being the Pima short set with short sleeves. The long sleeve set is nice, but the short sleeve is where it’s at. These are perfect for going on trips with friends and family, easy to go from bed to the breakfast table.

I am currently eyeing THIS gauze caftan to try.

Tips – they do a few good sales a year, I try to stock up then. They aren’t the cheapest but I will say they wear the best out of any pj’s I have tried. Also, if you want to dry them order a size up, they do shrink.