shade upgrade

One of the lamps in my bedroom I have had since college! And it has been needing a face lift for a while now. With the help of my talented mom we recently took on a lamp shade upgrade.

The process was fairly easy, I have outlined the main steps below!

1. Trace outline of lampshade {make sure you trace both the top and bottom of the shade}

2. Cut out traced pattern to use as a guide to cut fabric for shade

3. Add iron on sheets to the back of the decorative fabric before cutting out your design

4. Cut out flower design {we used a pre-printed fabric, you can always make your own for design variations}

5. Iron on flower design to fabric back

6. Use a hot glue gun to adhere fabric to the lamp shade

7. Use a fabric edging to finish off the top and bottom seems of the shade {hot glue was used to apply}