October has been a whirlwind of a month and I still have a few more busy days ahead. From weddings and celebrations to festivals and updates around the house. I can certainly say I am looking forward to a little down time come November.

{the most beautiful wedding under century old oak trees}

{an oldie but a goodie embellished t-shirt from Forever21}

{a new little addition to keep things organized}

{yep, it’s still hot here, wearing the booties in hope of cooler temps.}

{the cutest little owl, it was $7, I couldn’t pass it up}

{my go to outfit lately jean shorts and stripe tops}

live colorfully

We all have bad days and to those bad days, I say live colorfully! Buy yourself some flowers, put on that bright nail polish you haven’t worn in years, pick out the most colorful items in your closet and wear them all at once. Put on those neon gym shorts, instead of your old boring blacks ones. It’s amazing what happiness a little color can bring to you! Here are the little colorful things making me happy lately!

{colorful Urban Outfitters skirt}

{colored office supplies}

{DIY in color, more to come on this}

{candy aisle way too close to my house}

{bold H&M flat}

{fresh flowers}

{festive party straws from Target}

follow friday

It’s finally Friday. This seems to be one of the longest weeks I’ve had in a while! The rest of the world will move on with their daily lives in the upcoming days, and we in New Orleans will take a much-needed break, and celebrate! Celebrate the Mardi Gras season. Follow me on instagram @luckygirlfinds for my photo updates and twitter as well!

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{decorated mardi gras shoe}