alligator museum

You never know what you will notice when you walk around New Orleans, this alligator museum is just down the street, and I’m so intrigued as to what is inside.  We took these pictures while shooting the Langford Market City Guide, and these jeans are my absolute fav. Now, I wouldn’t call them a Lucky Girl Find {they are pricey} but I’m 5’11” and they are extremely long and oh so soft, so for me they are worth the investment.



Jeans; MiH Top; Forever 21 {similar}; Necklace DIY {similar}; Watch; Michael Kors

the leopard look

I’ve never done a full outfit post before but I absolutely love the combination of this look. Wide-leg jeans, silk tops and statement necklaces have become my go-to look lately. Not to mention a young girl stopped to compliment the ensemble, when I informed her the top was from Old Navy her jaw dropped and said, “what a find! you should write a blog!” So I think it’s only appropriate that I share the look.

The jeans, are a stretch for the wallet, but since I am 5’11” I don’t mind spending more on jeans that are lengthy. I had no full outfit photos from that evening so I re-created the look.

*Jeans MiH, The Marrakesh, $198 {30% off today for Cyber Monday}

*Necklace, Forever21, seen here 

*Blouse, Old Navy, in store only

*Booties, Payless, not available online