Walk into my small apartment any evening and you will immediately notice the multiple candles burning throughout. I purchased this Missoni for Target candle a while back and could not toss out the holder once the candle had burned. I slightly melted the wax and cleaned out the inside and it has become a multi-purpose container. From flowers to markers and even small candles, It continues to move around my apartment {it’s now on my desk at work, shown below}. Just remember this before you toss out that pretty little candle holder. {also, keep the glass ones and clean out and use for little flower vases around your house or as a thoughtful surprise for a friend}

missoni madness {for target}

I have been debating on writing about Missoni for Target or letting the issue rest {there has been much controversy over the anticipated collection: lack of inventory, women hoarders, ebay price hikes, and advertising running for a campaign that has no merchandise etc.} I decided to give you a little insight on what was a successful shopping trip for me {since I shared with you my anticipation here}!

I have always been much more successful, especially at Target, when visiting store locations that are not in a city or major populated area. I typically drive at least 30 minutes to get to a Target that has less store traffic {my parents live near as well}. I also visit the local Target whenever I am on the road as well. The Target location I went to for the Missoni launch was fully stocked and ready to serve its customers. On that day I was the ONLY customer there for Missoni! It was such a pleasurable experience, and the employees {who were still unpacking a few items} were so kind and helpful! So in this case taking the road less traveled {or store less frequented} lead to my lucky girl finds! I have shared a few finds below!

{P.S. I was actually fortunate enough to place an online order as well, patience paid off in that instance. However still awaiting the deliveries!}

{nesting bowls, tumblers}
{bobby pins, head scarf}
{storage bin, photo frames and candle}