in my backyard

From Jazz Fest to the French Quarter, this weekend had a common theme, local tourist. Sometimes it’s fun to do tourist things in your own backyard. Especially when the days are full of sunshine and the streets are full of smiling faces!

St. Louis Cathedral

Festival Feet {shoes: Urban Outfitters}

Mardi Gras Indians Parade at Jazz Fest

Beach Boys

festival wear floral shorts {seen here}

French Quarter Streets

Locally made Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream {from here}

*all photos taken by me and the bf

life lately….

Multiple cities, over a course of many days, mixing work with pleasure and blogging on the side, has truly made me realize that I have so much to be thankful for. Being away has made me grateful for the place I call home, even though my apartment is small and New Orleans can have a bad reputation, the place I call home is mine and is filled with things I love and daily reminders of how fortunate I am. Work is work, but has presented so many amazing opportunities, and has allowed me to fill my home and life with those objects and items I love. And for blogging, well I think it’s what keeps me sane, and is paving the way for me to explore places I may have never gone before.

Over this past weekend I was able to attend Texas Style Council in Austin, and was overwhelmed by the amount of self-driven bloggers and small business owners all with one mission, to find and follow your passion. I leave Austin filled with inspiration, from blog ideas to living life more passionately. So even though I may huff and puff about getting up for work, or experience frustrations with traveling I am truly grateful for the experiences which life has brought my way. Even more thankful for the support of family and friends and those I have met on the journey! So back to New Orleans I go, with many photos and lots of laundry to sort through.

*all photos taken by me