don’t be afraid {be inspired}

One of the biggest fashion myths I find low-price shoppers cling to is that large, upscale, department stores are out of their price reach. Well I am here to say do not be afraid. Those with smaller budgets tend to stray away from these places. I instead jump right in. These department stores can be the perfect place for inspiration not to mention sale racks, especially at the end of the season. During my stay in NYC I visited Bloomingdale’s, my absolute favorite high-end department store. Here you can find anything from couture designers too much lower priced in-house brands such asĀ aqua! The sales racks were packed full! With half-price cashmere, dressy silk tops even current winter items. I found a great top for $40! Not to mention I didn’t mind snapping inspiration along the way. The best part about Bloomingdale’s… the dressing rooms. They are huge, not to mention so perfectly decorated {the birds are not real}.

{amazing fitting rooms}

Moral of the story, don’t be intimidated to shop higher-end department stores, even if you come out empty-handed you still leave inspired!

{a little inspiration}