hometown finds

This post is a little different from the usual, but with a love for Architectural Digest, and my hometown, I had to share.

Sometimes, it’s not until someone else writes about your hometown that you then realize your true appreciation. I recently discovered a piece on New Orleans {by Architectural Digest} that made me feel so good, about the place I call home. The article is a look at the city through the eyes of New Orleans insiders, and a few that just so happen to have very famous names.

One of the architects interviewed for this piece, Tom Kundig, tells the story of listening to a local band at a bar on Frenchman St., when out of no where, a harmonica playing, Stevie Wonder appears on stage. Stories like that is what makes this city such an interesting place, a place that welcomes everyone, and is in fact so welcoming that even Stevie Wonder feels right at home, playing his harmonica, in a small, smokey, dim lite,  New Orleans establishment. And that my friends,  is the stories we like to share.