Guilty Pleasures

UnknownAs I approach 30 {eeeekkkkk} I am making a conscious effort to make a few changes; and increasing my savings is one of them. I have to give myself a little credit I do a pretty good job already; but we can always improve, right?! My parents engrained in me pay now, play later. I was looking at the items I most frequently treat myself to that after a few weeks {sometimes moments} I have nothing to show for, and I know I can cut back in these areas. I’m a firm believer that you should treat yourself, but I’m pretty sure I go overboard! Time to cut back and put those dollars away!

Flowers: I love fresh flowers and as long as I am in town for longer than a week I always have a fresh bunch. Now, I buy these from the grocery so they aren’t expensive but they do add up, and after week or sometimes two if I’m lucky, into the trash can they go!

Macaroons: Anyone who knows me {or my instagram feed} you know I can’t turn down a sweet treat. From macaroons to cupcakes, I can’t resist. It doesn’t help that the best little macaroon place in New Orleans is just a few blocks away and my weekly trips {sometimes two and three times a week} should be cut back. Maybe just once a month from now on?!

Paper Goods: Swing by my desk at any given moment and I have markers, pens, notebooks and even file folders that are all brighter than your average office supplies. I can’t resist paper products from places like TJ Maxx and Home Goods; even Target has upped their game. My most recent purchase was super cute paper cocktail napkins… when will I use them… not sure…maybe not even this year; but the design is oh SO cute! Oh and cute cupcake liners too! I definitely need to curb this habit and only buy things I will use in the near future.

Candles: It’s official, this list makes me a total girly, girl! I LOVE a good candle! And find myself having 3 or 4 lit at one time {the bedroom, the entry way, the living room etc.} a little overkill I think, but I love the ambiance it sends off. $20 for a good candle seems reasonable to me, but that adds up.. and fast!

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