shop the sales

After the holiday rush settles down, the heat turns up on the sale racks. I am a firm believer that discounts tend to be better in store. I always find additional savings, as well as, ¬†perks for using store credit cards while in store. For instance, ¬†Saks, in store only, on Sunday, the sale racks were an additional 50% off and an additional 10% off when you use your Saks card. So worth it for the trip to the store! {see what I purchased here, and if you have a second go ahead and like the page} I have always had great success when shopping in store this time of year. However there are some stores I absolutely love that are thousands of miles away {ok, a little exaggeration}. Zara is one of them and they have great sales online that can’t be missed! Here are my top picks!

{heels $49.99, flats $39.99}
{leopard $29.99, red stripe $25.99, black $49.99}
{metallic trousers $59.99}
{bowler $49.99, animal print $39.99}