Every year around this time I feel like I have the battle of the straw bag. Do I want one? It’s too big? It’s too small? I don’t want to ruin it if it gets wet! But, wait it won’t fit a large beach towel. I can’t squeeze in my suitcase and need it to be large enough for my carry on! The strap is too short. These are constant things that I come across when having the great straw debate. I think I may have found one that covers all the bases. Structured enough for a carry on, straps long enough to lug through an airport, short straw straps for the beach and large enough for beach towels and magazines. And hey when I get back from the beach it will be a great summer tote, once the sand is cleaned out of course. So here it is ladies, I think I found a winner! Oh wait, I totally forgot to mention its only $29.95.

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  1. Definitely a winner! Now, to only find one at a CDN Zara…

  2. I’ve been looking for the perfect straw bag for my honeymoon, I think I just might have to order this one! Yay! Thanks!

  3. Ummm! Love your advice. Thanks…. Jane

  4. […] a much-needed getaway and started packing a few things. I love my beach bag from last season {seen here} however wanted to add a little bit of color. This simple DIY did the trick, and it only took about […]

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