I feel a little guilty not taking advantage of a three-day weekend and heading out-of-town, but I am very excited to stay around New Orleans and do a few things  that a normal two-day weekend just doesn’t allow for. The city is such an amazing place right now, with the Super Bowl buzz and the sights and sounds of carnival season, I can’t wait to get out and take advantage.


{shopping for fresh flowers}


{playing tourist}


{put the finishing touches on this new piece}


{a few fancy drinks}


{a little spray painting, now that the rain is gone}


{cleaning and organizing}


{french quarter balcony sitting}

*all photos my own

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  1. Wishing I was in New Orleans!

  2. has this weather on the coast these past couple days not been just perfect? I’m so glad to be outdoors again! I hate rainy days, let alone rainy weeks! Love it, down here on the coast!

    • It’s been just perfect! It is a amazing how a little blue sky and sunshine can really make one happy 🙂

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