I’m turning 30 in exactly 10 days and have a range of mixed emotions. Excitement for the next decade, sadness to say goodbye to my 20s and a fear of growing older. A few weeks ago I compiled this list of life lessons from my first 30 years to share with you and last week my grandmother passed away unexpectedly; making the last item on this list even that much more important to me .

-Travel Alone – Traveling alone really helps you grow as an individual. From dealing with complete strangers, to making your own schedule and siting at a table for 1.

-Couch Time – Don’t let the couch suck you in. When I get home from work its super easy to grab the remote and computer and sink into the couch. Instead I try to go for a walk, schedule an activity or do some things around the house.

-Enjoy Your Meals – Don’t phone and eat. Put the phone down and enjoy your meal with the company you are with, in fact most times I keep my phone in my purse so there is no temptation.

-Friends– You don’t have to have a ton of friends at this age; but a few really close ones is all that matters

-Experiment in the Kitchen – With recipes, ingredients, you name it! 3 years ago I would have never eaten a brussel sprout, let alone have them in my house. Now I love to cook them at least once a week.

-Make List – I keep two list in my phone 1. Places to Eat 2. Like List – These list include restaurants I want to try and things I want to buy when I have a little extra cash.

-Leave The Office – Everyone is busy and work can get crazy, I find it important to step out for lunch. Even if it means running a quick errand or eating outside. This helps break up the day, and in fact makes me more productive in the afternoon.

-Purchases- Be wise with your money and purchase items you love and will use. Original art is one of my latest guilty pleasures, I love supporting up and coming artist and I know these pieces I will have forever. I also recommend purchasing a nice set of sheets.

-Sleep In- Speaking of sheets, my bed is one of my favorite places. When I have days with no plans I take full advantage and sleep in. These days don’t come around often, but when they do, the alarm clock is turned off.

-Protect your skin – Find a skin care line you love and stick with a routine – also buy the big floppy hat and cover your face in the sun

-Use your vacation days – and use them wisely; Even though I’ve been out of school for quite sometime the idea of having no breaks and no summer still seems foreign. I treasure my vacation days and think through before making plans.

-Speaking of vacation Book the trip! Last December my bf and I booked our trip to the islands {on a whim} and it is truly one of my favorite times him and I have spent together. And the perfect reset too!

-And lastly and most important – Treasure your time with your family and especially grandparents and parents, cause after all we won’t be here forever.

*Still crazy to me I wrote this a few weeks ago

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  1. Love your post. So wise for 30!

  2. one of my favorite posts!! happie happie 30th! xo

    • Thank you!! xo

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