Ever since I can remember my mom has gone all out every Christmas. From multiple trees, to wreaths on every window, to prize-winning front-door decor.  As we have gotten older she has changed things up, and some amazing items have been shared between my sister and I. This year, a perfect little reindeer came my way. The silhouette of this guy is amazing! However, I knew he needed a nice new coat of spray paint, and nothing screams festive like a bold metallic gold. I love the finished product so much, this little guy just may stay out all year.





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  1. He looks great! I really love stag statues during the holidays– I’m not sure why, but there’s something so festive and seasonal about them.

  2. Wow what a difference a coat of paint can make. It looks beautiful!

  3. […] my most recent DIY project {here}, to pretty packages waiting to be opened, to an amazing candy find {white peppermint M&Ms}, […]

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